Teacher Pro-D Hub

A resource hub and event portal for K-12 teachers

interface for pro-d hub

My Role

Solo designer and developer creating this resource for the professional development team at Geering Up

The Problem

When I joined the Pro-D team at Geering Up the current resource hub was being hosted on Edx, which required both an Edx account and an invite in order to be accessed. This created a lot of unnecessary friction for teachers who may have wanted to use our resources.

The Solution

Seeing this problem, I pitched the idea of me creating an alternative resource hub which would be easier for teachers to access and use. We decided to use Webflow as our technology as it allowed me enough control to create what we needed but was still easy for non-technical users to maintain and add content to.

Design Process

The design process for this website revolved around the resource page, which contains our created scripts for activities that teachers can run in their classroom. This design includes 3 key features:

  1. Cards
    • The main content of the page is the cards. Each activity is represented as a card, allowing for clear distinctions between activities and easy parsing of the information about said activity.
  2. Filters
    • As Geering Up has a wide variety of teachers who access the content, teachers need an easy way to filter content by grade and topic in order to find activities which are relevant to them. To solve this issue, I added a persistent menu which allows you to filter content.
  3. Designers
    • People like content better when it feels like it was made by another human. To help with this, I added in a small badge to the corner of each card showing a small picture of the person who designed the activity.
interface for pro-d hub

Final Product

This product allowed our team to begin investing more seriously in our online content platform as this new website was significantly easier to access and use for both teachers and the internal team.

This project is freely available to access online.